The Big and the Beautiful Reviews

The Big and the Beautiful? What are you thinking right now? That’s right! It is about big beautiful women. Precisely, it is about, one of the greatest places for BBWs and their admirers.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholders. This phrase seems not work in some communities. If you happen to find it very difficult to find large lady for your love, then you probably never visit the right place.

We can tell you that the Big and the Beautiful is the right place for you to find your dream big beautiful women.

It has been operating for almost a decade. Established in 2008, it has made hundreds thousands members succeed. It is arguably one of the most prominent bbw dating websites. Ones claimed to be able to find many big beautiful women in this site.

It is nice to see more about this site, that’s why we visited the official site by ourselves. We can conclude that it will make a great choice for those who love large dating partner in their life. The design of the site is simple and it is fast to load. The signup process is pretty straightforward, does not take a long time until becoming the verified member of the site.

You can register as free member to give it a try. Use this membership type to test drive and see what the site can offer for you. After running for 9 years, there is no doubt that it is a mature company. Experiences tell everything in quality of services. Let’s dig in more.


Basic membership type is free. Without paying a single dime, you are able to enjoy the basic features of the site. For instance, you can initiate messages in one condition, you should include a photo of yours. However, you are not able to use the chat live features. It is included in the premium membership features.

To reveal all the advanced features, don’t hesitate to upgrade your membership. All the premium features have given tons of benefits to the users. The costs are also reasonable:

  1. 1 month membership is $49 per month
  2. 3 month membership is $36 per month (1 payment of $108)
  3. Yearly membership is $15 per month (1 payment of $189)

By considering all the options above, we’d recommend you to try 3 month membership, which is the best option. Of course yearly membership is much cheaper when it is divided into monthly. But you know, most of us don’t want to spend a year to find the perfect match for us. One year is too long. Unless you are enjoying the community and want to spend much time with the other members, 3 month membership is the best option for you. The payment can be made through Credit cards and paypal.


The outstanding features of the Big and the Beautiful site can help you to find your dream big beautiful women instantly. The website is simple so that you can access it in no time. As mentioned there are 2 types of membership: Basic and Premium. We are going to divide the features into 2 categories.

Basic Membership

  1. Browse profiles of other members
  2. Send messages (including pictures is obligatory)

Premium Membership:

  1. Your profile is bumped over the free profiles
  2. Instant messaging system
  3. Send messages, with or without pictures
  4. Access to new members
  5. Premium member badge, improves your credibility and sell yourself more

Mobile App

We could not confirm that the site has mobile app since we can’t find any sources for downloading the app. Instead, we used the mobile site. One thing you should know that the site is already responsive. That means you are able to access the site from your mobile’s browser.


If you want to find your dream big beautiful women, this site can make a great choice for you. The reason is that it has such strongest selling points, which are the unique features. The simplicity of the website is also the reason why we’d like to recommend it for you. It fasten your access to all the features of the site without any hassle and fuss. The search option is also magnificent. It gives you precise and accurate results of your perfect match.

Once you used the search tool, you will see some profiles in the search result page. Pick one which catches your interest, then you can start initiating the contact with them by sending simple messages if you are free member. The interaction is not just from email, but also few virtual human interactions such as flirts, and even a gift. The chatting app is purposely created so that you can make a conversation with other members in real time.

It is also interesting to discuss the fact that being a premium member of the site will give you more advantages and speed up your search process. It is because you will have all the features access and have much better chance to be found by other members. Your profile will be featured above the free members profile in the search result page. So, automatically many pairs of eyes will have their attention on your profile.

You can perform quick search for a match. If you are premium member, chances are you will be checking your inbox on daily basis. When you have succeed in pinpointing your potential match, you can also initiate contact with them. At first, you can use the internal mailing system provided by the site before giving your real number. You can also make messages as many as you want, unlike free member which is only limited to 3 messages per day. The Big and the Beautiful has such huge database of big beautiful women. Each page contains dozens of attractive profiles. So take your time to browse and have fun. The large database means that it has strong community base. You will never have any problem in finding your big beautiful women anymore. So, why not join the site now and be a free member? You’ll be happy if you do it.